How to clean your Berber carpet?

Maintaining your Berber carpet: some tips

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A berber carpet is above all a precious object that deserves regular maintenance. It is therefore essential to maintain it in order to keep it in its original appearance as long as possible.

Indeed, regular cleaning makes it possible to "re-inflate" your carpet, to reshape the fibers in order to make them more fluffy and more flexible.

Note, during the first two months, it is normal for your carpet to lose its excess wool in the form of lint. Just suck them up without rubbing.

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How to clean your Berber carpet yourself?

Once a year, depending on the amount of traffic, it will be advisable to do a deep cleaning of the carpet. We recommend calling in a professional, however you can wash it yourself:

  • Dry shampoo: cleaning is done by sprinkling a powdered shampoo, followed by vacuuming after penetration of the product.
  • Wet shampoo: Dilute the product as little as possible. Do not soak the carpet. Using a shampooer, distribute the cleaning product to which we could add vinegar, paying particular attention to the most soiled parts. Leave to dry, avoiding any passage. Vacuum thoroughly

Finally, it is important not to wait to stain a carpet to clean it. So remember to remove the dust from the carpet fairly regularly by taking it out on your balcony in the sun for a few hours regularly.

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Can you vacuum a Berber carpet?

Indeed, you can clean your carpet using a vacuum cleaner, however, you must be careful to pass it in the direction of the pile.

To do this, run your hand over the mat, if it slips you are in the right direction, if the touch is rough you are in the opposite direction.

In addition, you must put your vacuum cleaner at low power and use a suitable nozzle (without brush).

Avoid going back and forth so as not to damage the wicks of the carpet.

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How to clean some stains?

Above all, it is important to intervene immediately in order to absorb the liquids as quickly as possible to avoid the stain becoming anchored in the woolly fibers.

Then, we have put together a list of tips for several types of stain, however if the stains persist you will need to call on the services of a professional:

Beer or alcohol stains

    After blotting up the liquid, rub the stain with water with the addition of alcohol vinegar.

    Honey stains

      Sponge in lukewarm water plus a cloth.

      Mud stains

        You have to wait for these stains to dry. Then brush or vacuum the stained area. If stains remain, rub with a cloth soaked in vinegar water (1 tablespoon for 1 liter of water). Rinse with clear water and then sponge with a clean cloth.

        Candle tasks

          It is necessary to remove the excess with a spatula then apply on the stained area a blotter or absorbent paper and pass a hot iron over it. The rest of the job will be removed with benzine. Warm white alcohol vinegar also works well.

          Chewing gum stains

            First, you have to harden the chewing gum by passing it a plastic bag filled with ice cubes. Second, once the chewing gum has hardened in the cold, the pieces are removed with your fingernails or a knife. If you have not managed to remove everything, you should dip a toothbrush in rubbing alcohol and then rub vigorously. You can also dissolve the chewing gum by rubbing it gently with a cloth moistened with acetone.

            Oil stains

              Carbon tetrachloride plus cloth. Then if necessary shampoo plus vinegar plus water.

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