Berber carpet

The Berber carpet, an emblematic piece of Moroccan craftsmanship, is an art object in its own right.

Completely handcrafted according to a know-how and a weaving technique, it has become over time an iconic piece of our interiors.

The Berber carpet or particularly the Beni Ouarain carpet is made by a confederation of seventeen Berber tribes living in the mountainous regions of the Middle Atlas of Morocco.

There is a wide variety of Berber rugs from the Berber tribes of the Middle and High Atlas.

tapis berbère

Beni Ouarain rugs, Azilal rugs, Mrirt rugs, Boucherouite rugs, Zanafi rugs ... all have their own graphics and particularity. Sometimes very colorful or on the contrary patinated, each Berber carpet that we offer is an authentic, unique and high quality piece.

The making of the Berber carpet requires a real mastery of the loom and perfect knowledge of the raw material: the sheep's wool which, after being carded using a metallic comb, is transformed into a ball of yarn then dyed by adding natural colors. .

The Berber weavers tell part of their culture, their life, their history, through this work which can take up to 8 weeks of making for a single Berber carpet.

All the greatest artists of the 20th century, Yves Saint Laurent, Le Corbusier, Paul Bowles or William Burroughs, have taken advantage of the Moroccan art of living, the traditional inspiration of Berber craftsmanship and minimalist and colorful graphics. for their creation. Henri Matisse called the Berber carpets the “white giants” during these two winters spent in Morocco. Le Corbusier was also inspired by Berber craftsmanship in his work: "do like the Berbers: combine the most notorious geometry with fantasy"

Beldy tapis berbère
Through our achievements, Beldy wishes to give a new youth to the Berber carpet by associating the best of traditional Moroccan know-how applied to certain contemporary designs.
Beldy carries out a meticulous control which allows us to obtain Berber rugs of very high quality thanks to a know-how dating back several generations.
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